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Many people find themselves trapped in bodies wracked by pain, tormented by hormonal imbalances, or chronically fatigued by nutritional or vitamin deficiencies and/or chronic stress factors. They may have tried various drugs to get relief only to find that the cure is often worse than the disease.

If you suffer from any of these or other problems, and regular medications either don't work or cause unpleasant side effects, The Heritage Center for Functional Health offers a holistic approach with a wide range of remedies that result in a more effective treatment with minimal side effects.

Our approach is based on the patients’ concerns regarding their health. But, instead of focusing on just the one problem that triggers their call for help, we broaden our scope to look at the whole picture. Where we are at any given point in our life, is the sum of our genetic makeup, the events that have shaped our life and the stresses that are placed on our bodies through our own lifestyle choices and the various factors in our environment.

Interventions that only keep putting band-aids on the surface instead of searching for the underlying causes are doomed to fail. That is why a consultation based on a comprehensive history (genetic, lifestyle, medical, etc.) is necessary in order to search for proper solutions.

We cannot change our genes and nobody can guarantee perfect health, but we can put all the odds on our side by implementing lifestyle changes and by targeted supplementation of what is found lacking in our biochemical balance. That is the goal of functional health.

At the Heritage Center for Functional Health, we offer solutions customized just for you using either compounding or highly targeted nutritional supplements or a combination of both in concert with appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

Compounding gives your doctor the means to customize medications specifically formulated for you if your needs are unmet by standard pharmaceutical dosages and methods of delivery. It is a creative combination of new and old ideas. It's a back-to-the-future way of making medications.

Before the 1950s, few medications came prepared in specific and limited dosages as they do now. Pharmacists mixed ingredients to fill prescriptions tailor-made for an individual patient. Today, we do the same thing, only we do it with new methodologies and brand new technology. Compounding can be as simple as having pills crushed for you, having your child's favorite flavor added to a medication or as complex as having a customized formulation of ingredients made especially for you from scratch. One of the many advantages to using compounding for pain treatment, for example, is that formula can be adjusted and changes can be made until relief is achieved unlike standard medications which come in fixed doses.

Compounding pharmacists, of which there are approximately 3,000 in the United States, acquire special skills and equipment that enable them to work with patients and their patients' healthcare providers to develop unique solutions for unique problems.

Arthritis is a painful, debilitating condition caused by inflammation of the joints that may result in the reduction or loss of function of the joints involved. Most people are aware of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but inflammatory conditions can seriously affect many of the organs of the body.

Many people believe that arthritis is an inevitable health problem that will develop in all of us as we age. But that's not always true and by using the right supplements, we can help to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis), cartilage deterioration and joint and tissue inflammation. However, if arthritis has already set in, we can work with your doctor to compound formulations that will greatly alleviate the pain. Continued here.

Fortunately, for most of us, pain is an occasional thing that occurs after a muscle strain or some other type of injury that heals, and, in the process, the associated pain dissipates over time. But there are many conditions that cause what's known as chronic pain—pain that not only doesn't go away over time, but can worsen.

Examples of conditions that cause chronic pain are: continued here.

If you suffer from the maddening symptoms of PMS and menopause, you are no doubt aware that synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has triggered considerable debate about the potential side effects. We researched and studied alternatives and in so doing discovered bio-identical HRT formulations. Because they are "bio-identical," your body responds to them as if it had produced the hormones itself, just as it did before the onset of menopause.

As a woman‘s body matures, her hormone levels fluctuate. Beginning at puberty, these fluctuations occur within the various phases of her menstrual cycle when her body produces different levels of estrogen and progesterone.

Hormonal imbalances can occur in women during the second half or luteal phase of their menstrual cycle leading in some cases to severe PMS symptoms.

Hormonal output starts decreasing around age 35 as the body eases into perimenopause which is characterized by a decrease in ovulation or irregular cycles. When ovulation stops completely, women enter menopause (no menstrual cycle has occurred over a period of one year). At that point their estrogen production is down by approximately 50% and their progesterone output is only about 5-10% of what it used to be. This puts a woman out of balance hormonally and as a result many women experience the symptoms of menopause. Some of these symptoms are: continued here.

Men are by no means immune to the downsizing of hormone levels. In fact, starting at about age 35, the most potent male hormone underlying mental and physical energy in men, testosterone, decreases and by age 60, will be about 50% of what it used to be. To add to this problem, at the same time there is a significant increase in the presence of an enzyme, aromatase, which increases the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This results in an increase in feminine characteristics in males (decrease in muscle mass and stamina, increase in breast size, etc). Deficiency symptoms come on gradually, and unlike the rollercoaster ride menopausal women may experience, men don’t always know what is happening to them.

Male menopause is nonetheless real, and it has a name: Andropause (from the Greek, andros (male), and pausis (stop), for the midlife retreat of androgens, DHEA and in particular, testosterone, the key player in male hormonal health and balance.

The following are symptoms of andropause: Continued here.

Due to the population's ever-growing demand for food, many of the natural vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients food used to provide, have been compromised by varying degrees to produce faster-growing crops and bigger crop yields. That often means that even the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish we buy at the supermarket no longer provide us with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and fit, not to mention the numerous pesticides, herbicides and hormones used to boost the appearance and bounty of the products on supermarket shelves. Also serious is today's "rush-around" world where lunch is often a fast-food product, candy bar or anything we can get our hands on.

Eating a variety of organically grown foods is the first step to better health but maintaining a perfect diet from childhood on is not always realistically feasible in today’s environment.

It is not surprising that the supplement shelves are taking up more and more room in supermarkets and drugs stores. We really need the extra nutrition they offer us to maintain good health.

This is where the right supplements come into play. The quality and purity of the supplements are of the utmost importance in terms of their benefit. You can take all the supplements in the world, but if they are not getting absorbed, they are of little or no value.

At The Heritage Center for Functional Health, not only can we compound formulas that mitigate nutritional deficiencies, but we also offer six lines of exceptional supplements, from Metagenics, RX Vitamins, Thorne, Allergy Research, Nordic Naturals and Kirkman, to address a wide range of nutritional and other deficiencies. .

It's not surprising that the supplement shelves are taking up more and more room in supermarkets and drugs stores. We really need the extra nutrition they offer us to maintain good health. Continued here.

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